Book of Revelation Bible Study

Posted on: Aug 27, 2017

Have you ever wanted to learn more about the last book in the bible “the Apocalypse” or as it is commonly known as “The Book of Revelation”.
Do you want to know about the 7 bowls of wrath, the 7 plagues, the 7 letters, the 7 angels, the 7 trumpets, and the 7 churches? 7 this, 7 that, OMG, what do all these 7’s mean?
Is “The Great Tribulation” in Revelation 7:14 upon us or are we to expect it to arrive in the near future, or maybe has it happened already?
Who is the “BEAST” of Revelation 13?
Who is the “harlot of Babylon” in Revelation 17? Don’t yell at me, the bible uses that language!
Is the “Anti-Christ” mentioned in the book of Revelation? What about the number “666”?
What will a new heaven and new earth look like?
Are you concerned about when the world will come to an end and the events that lead up to it?
Is the Book of Revelation a prophecy of doom and gloom or a book of glory and victory?
Joel 2:31 says “The sun will become dark, and the moon will turn blood red before that great and terrible day of the LORD arrives.”
Matt. 24:21 “For then there will be great distress, unequaled from the beginning of the world until now—and never to be equaled again.”
Lk. 21:22 “For these be the days of vengeance, that all things which are written may be fulfilled.”
Religious Education is offering an 8 consecutive week bible study on the Book of Revelation starting Wednesday September 6th and continuing every Wednesday through October 25th from 6:30pm- 8:30pm. The presenter will be yours truly, Deacon Larry Kleisinger.
If you want to have a proper view of the biblical past, the biblical present and the biblical end times, then you do not want to miss this important study.
I always tell my students that “if you are courageous enough to study the Book of Revelation then you will be able to understand the entire bible”, because the hidden secret that no one tells you is this: “Most of what is written in the Book of Revelation comes from the Old Testament.”
Once you learn and understand the symbolism and language of the Book of Revelation, then you will know and understand the entire bible.
I hope you will join me on this exciting adventure! There isn’t a more thrilling book in the entire bible than the Book of Revelation! Come join the fun! Be part of the conversation!
God Bless +
Deacon Larry