Driver Certification Instructions

Driver Certification for Anyone who Drives for the Church/School

Our insurance company, Catholic Mutual, now requires any employees or volunteers who do any driving for the Church/School to do an online driving course and then complete “paperwork” online as well. They are actually doing background checks on everyone’s driving records, so you have to input your social security number too. Here is the website where you need to go to do the course The name of the program that you need to do is “Required Defensive Driving – Covington” It includes “Be Smart-Drive Safe II” and the policy acknowledgement and the driver questionnaire. You will need to set up an account with your email address and a password. The course requires you to watch a video and then do the paperwork. It should take about 20 minutes.

As a side note:

In response to a question regarding whether this site was safe for inputting your social security number, Catholic Mutual offered the following response along with this document:

Our entire CMG Connect platform is dedicated to promoting safe environments and safety, so I can assure you that online security is a high priority for us. The CMG Connect server is secure and encrypted, plus we do not store SSNs in the system. I’ve also included some information regarding the security measures that our MVR provider,, takes to protect personal information.