It’s a New School Year

Posted on: Aug 28, 2018


School is back: Joyful to see all the smiling faces
School is back and I am happy to see excited and happy students. It was fun to have lunch with the first graders. They wanted to know what I did for vacation? Where do I stay? Do I stay in the church etc? Children are curious. Let their curiosity help them to grow well.
Queenship Celebration
Queenship Rocking Eve was awesome! Melodious music helped all to share a great time together. This year we also had an amazing turn out for the Queenship Celebration on Sunday. We had blessings for teachers and blessings on the students’ backpacks. The food was delicious. Thank you all for making this place awesome! You are awesome!
St. Henry District High School Chaplain
Bishop Foys assigned me as a chaplain to St. Henry District High School for this year. I was able to see some of the former MQH students over there. Since it is something new for me, keep me in your prayers. I am excited to do ministry for high school students.
Personal note
You might have heard the flood going on India. I am quoting CBS news below
‘In some villages, the floodwaters had entered homes. Officials have called it the worst flooding in Kerala in a century, with rainfall in some areas well over double that of a typical monsoon season. Officials estimate that more than 10,000 kilometers, about 6,200 miles, of roads have been damaged. One of the state’s major airports, in the city of Kochi, was closed this past Tuesday due to the flooding. It is scheduled to remain closed until August 26. More than 1,000 people have died in flooding in seven Indian states since the start of the monsoon season, including over 350 in Kerala.
In Vatican City last Sunday, Pope Francis held a moment of silence during his noontime blessing to pray for Kerala flood victims. “I am close to the Church in Kerala, which is on the front lines in providing aid to the people,” Francis said. He called for solidarity and “the concrete assistance of the international community.”
I am really thankful for your prayerful support. Many of you assured me your prayers and even financial support since I was not able to get hold of my family members. A big thanks to you for being with me. The flood knocked out the electric power, and I was not able to communicate with anyone from my family for four days. Sunday morning, my sister contacted me and said everyone is safe. Praise God. My Mom’s house is still under water. I asked them to get a picture of it. Since they are not able to go near to that house, I could not get a picture yet. My mom and one of my sisters were on a rescue camp. Now my mom is with my brother. Water is receding slowly!
If the weather cooperates, I am planning to visit my family and stay with them for a few days in September. Let the Lord of heaven shower his blessing upon us.
Fr. Niby Kannai