Kahmann Sense – Catholic Voting

Posted on: Oct 31, 2016

The Presidential election is upon us. Obviously this is a very important election that’s going to shape the course of our country for the next four years. Unfortunately, both of the candidates have very serious shortcomings and flaws. Both candidates lack credibility and have made comments that are ridiculous. For the first time ever, it seems that many voters will be voting against someone rather than for someone. I’ve never seen passions run so high for a presidential election as both of the candidates are extremely polarizing – you either love them or hate them.
So who to vote for? Well, as with everything else in our life, we fall back on our faith to help guide us. When we vote, we don’t leave our faith outside as we go into the voting booth. Our faith is integral to who we are – it forms us and shapes us.
If we truly live our Catholic faith, we’re not going to find a political party that is a perfect fit – and that’s okay. Our faith comes before a political party – being Catholic comes before being a Democrat or a Republican. We don’t choose a political party based on our own individual wants and desires and then try to fit the teachings of the Catholic Church into that party. Rather, we’re Catholic first, so in an election we vote for the candidate that most shares our Catholic values.
There are many important issues in this election – the economy, terrorism, immigration, helping the poor, foreign policy, health care, the environment. All of these issues are very serious. But for Catholics there is a hierarchy of issues. Not all issues carry the same moral weight, some issues are more important than others.
The right to life issue is absolutely paramount – it trumps all other issues. Right to life is the most important fundamental issue because life is necessary for any of the other issues to even matter.
There are issues that can be legitimately debated by Christians, such as which policies are most effective in caring for the poor or how to deal with immigration. But the killing of a baby in the mother’s womb must be opposed at all times by every follower of Jesus Christ. There are no exceptions to this teaching. Abortion is evil in every single circumstance. If a candidate supports killing an innocent baby in the womb of its mother, Lord help us on the other decisions they’ll make.
It means something to say we’re Catholic. Catholics believe certain things, and to be Catholic means that we are for life – always – especially in the voting booth. During this election let’s cast our vote for life.
Peace & grace,
Fr. Kevin