MENS CRHP WEEKEND Oct. 14th and 15th 2017

Posted on: Sep 28, 2017

Why am I making an appeal to you wives you might be asking yourselves? Well, to be honest I am a guy and I know how guys operate usually. For example if you put a group of women who are strangers into one room with many chairs, you will notice that the majority of the ladies will be sitting next to each other trying to get to know one another immediately.
Unfortunately the opposite is true for men, there will be several chairs empty between each man. This isn’t good or bad, it is just the difference between men and women. I think there is a book called “Men are from Mars and women are from Venus”.
Look, CRHP is the best thing that could happen to your husband first and foremost but the effects of the change in his life could impact your family life, your married life and most importantly, his and your faith life.
The reason I am appealing to you wives is the fact that the husband won’t do anything slightly uncomfortable unless he gets a not so soft nudge from you.
For example: Guys usually hate going to doctors especially if they don’t feel sick, but because you love them and push them to get a physical they finally wind up doing it! So I am asking you to nudge your husband softly into going to CRHP in a way that only you can do.
The reason is this, marriages have been saved, a father’s relationship with his children can take on new meaning, the sincere practice of his faith comes back to 99% of those men who attend. Men experience a new understanding about their relationship to their parish; and their love for God and the sacraments reach all new spiritual heights, especially the Eucharist.
Are you in a challenging marriage, are you in a stale, mundane marriage, then CRHP is for your husband, CRHP will put the fire back where it belongs, in the marriage. If you are in a great marriage then look out, because after this weekend, it only gets better and more exciting from here.
If you don’t believe me ask our “Power Couple” Dave and Allison Miller whom after both of them attended a weekend respectively have become this years Men’s and Women’s CRHP leaders!
Christ Renews His Parish is a gift to the church to trigger, activate and propel men and women of adult age to recommit themselves to Jesus Christ, His church and to each other.
So, I appeal to you the women of the parish to just nudge your husband or your future husband just enough to come.

Thanks and God Bless +
Deacon Larry