2019 DPAA – New Pews


Make your donation today.

We have met our Diocesan goal of $105,600 so everything we collect over this will come back to the parish to be used for the purchase of our new pews and new carpeting.  The cost of the new pews and carpeting will run about $93,000.  That means we needed to raise $198,600 altogether to achieve both our diocesan goal and our parish goal.  At this point, it appears we have met those goals; however as sometimes happens, we might have a few pledges that will not be fulfilled.  For that reason, we encourage you to still make a pledge if you haven’t done so yet.   You can make an online pledge to the DPAA by going here.  It’s never too late to make a pledge, you can continue to donate to the 2019 DPAA through March of 2020.

Are you able to double your gift?  It could be easier than you think.   Does your employer have a Matching Gift Program?  If so you may be able to double your gift to the appeal just by filling out a simple form.

  1.  Ask if your company has a Matching Gifts Program.
  2. Review Program Guidelines to see if a gift to the DPAA qualifies.  NOTE:  Many companies will match your gift if you restrict it to the DPAA Service Grant Program or to Education.  For more information, call the Diocesan Stewardship Office at 859-392-1500.
  3. Complete the donor’s sections of the Matching Gift Form and return it with your check in the pledge envelope.

Our renovations are set to take place in January.  The old pews and flooring will be removed beginning January 4th.  The new pews should be installed the week of January 13th and the new carpet and flooring will go in the week of January 20th.  By the weekend of January 25th we should be celebrating Mass in a beautifully renovated church.