Leadership Councils

Parish Council

Purpose: The Parish Council not only assists the Pastor with administrative and policy-making procedures, but also assesses parish needs and helps implement programs to better meet those needs. It serves as a channel of communication between laity, clergy, and the total parish community. There are nine members. Three members are appointed each year for a three-year term.

Deacon Larry Kleisinger

Chairperson lkleisinger@mqhparish.com
(859) 525-6909

Diane Enzweiler

Council Member d.enzweiler@zoomtown.com

Meghan McMahon

Council Member mcflurry3421@yahoo.com

Dave Miller

Council Member daveemiller@twc.com

Karen Rodino

Council Member khrodino@yahoo.com

Chris Rust

Council Member christina.rust@stelizabeth.com

Finance Council

Purpose: Members of this council give financial advice to the Pastor. They meet regularly to prepare and review the parish’s budget. The Council reports, as needed, the financial situation of the parish especially in providing an “end-of-year” report. Members must have experience in accounting and/or finance.

Scott Dinius

Chairperson sjdinius@yahoo.com
(859) 342-7105

Alvin Bartlett

Council Member alvin.bartlett@twc.com

Walt Coleman

Council Member walterjcoleman@fuse.net

Jerry Cook

Council Member jcookfam@nkol.net

Dan Moser

Council Member moser5@fuse.net

Donna Schulte

Council Member djschult123@gmail.com

Religious Education Board

Purpose:  The Religious Education Board oversees the religious education programs at Mary, Queen of Heaven Parish and is subject to the regulations that proceed from the Diocesan Board of Education.

Tina Ryan

Chairperson tryan@shdhs.org
(859) 689-9533

Terry Hoppenjans

Board Member terryhop57@gmail.com

Lynne Kwiatkowski

Board Member lmk0716@gmail.com

Walt Mace

Board Member waltmace@gmail.com

Ed Monohan

Board Member ed5@kyattys.com

Steve Poat

Board Member spoat@isoc.net

Rick Pratt

Board Member rick.pratt@bawac.org

School Board

Meg Piatt

School Principal m.piatt@mqhschool.com
(859) 371-8100

Karen Gorlewski

Board Member xushooter15@hotmail.com

Amanda Hoerst

Board Member ashoerst@gmail.com

Laura Laws

Board Member lauralaws1021@gmail.com