Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (C.C.D.)

Director of Religious Education: Deacon Larry Kleisinger  (859) 525-6909

Classes: Every Tuesday, August through May from 6:30–7:45 PM

Purpose: This program provides formal religious education for children attending public schools. Parents involved in this program are assuming a greater responsibility in educating their children in the Catholic faith. This religious education program seeks to develop an awareness of the presence of God through Jesus Christ, and teaches the practice of the Catholic faith in the child’s daily life. There is a registration fee for this program.

Education in the Catholic Faith is a life-long journey. It is a process of evangelization that begins at our Baptism and continues throughout our entire lives. Along this journey, as we remain faithful to the teachings of Christ, we are transformed into His likeness and learn to see His face in every human situation.

Recognizing the family as the “Ecclesia domestica”, the “domestic church”, and the parents as “the first heralds of the faith with regard to their children”, we at Mary, Queen of Heaven Parish join you by providing assistance in this religious education. We look to Jesus and His mandate to “teach as Jesus did” by structuring formal religious education programs, such as CCD, to meet the needs of our parishioners at every level of maturity.

To the parents and guardians of our children who attend public schools, we call upon you to be actively involved in the religious education of your children. We call upon you to pray with your children daily…when they awake, when you put the children to bed, and especially before meals. We remind you that it is a God-given duty of every Catholic parent to faithfully attend Mass on Sundays and Holydays of Obligation along with your children. We pray that each family will strive to model their family life after the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. When we choose to model our families with thoughts and reflections upon the Holy Family, we choose the good that God has provided us. Your Christ-like life…your faith life is the most effective way to educate your children in the faith; for love of Christ and His Church is more “caught” than it is “taught”.

We are very grateful for your support of our weekly CCD Program, where the truths of our faith will be continually reinforced in the minds and hearts of your children. We will strive, together with you as parents, to develop in your children a means by which they will be able to respond to God’s love in thought, word and deed. With your ardent prayers and the loving encouragement that you already give to your children, we have complete confidence that the children will grow in God’s grace and in the love of Jesus our Lord.

Our gift of faith is our most treasured possession and this faith deepens as we grow together in our parish community. Let us be grateful to Almighty God that He has given to us the gift of faith through His Son Jesus Christ, and grateful too for the many women, men and children who have endeavored and persevered in faith so that we can enjoy the fruits of their labor. May we strive together in our steadfast love of God so that we may preserve the Mary, Queen of Heaven tradition and persevere in handing on the gift of faith to others.

2023-24 CCD Forms and Documents